Frequently asked questions

The answers to the most frequently asked questions:

What are different cuts used for: Here is a good link

Is the meat fresh or frozen? Our meat is flash frozen at the butcher right after cutting. This means a higher quality product. Large quantity slow freezing in home freezers causes more of the meat fibers to rupture due to the formation of large ice crystals. This means more juices are lost when the meat is thawed. The fresh look of meat in grocery shelves is often the result of chemical treatment or the use of dye such as E 127 red #3 ( erythrosine made from coal-tar) to survive the long haul from distant places.

How much meat do I have to take? Any amount from 1 lb of hamburger or steak to a live cow.  We offer different packages from frozen single cuts to live animal.

What cuts are available in a animal? Generally a carcass after aging/ drying yields 20% bone, 25 % ground and stew meat, 25% steaks, 25% roasts and 5% trimming. A grain fed animal has much more fat so there is more trimming / waste then in our grass fed animals.

What is the advantage for buying bulk meat? It is time saving and a general good feeling of food security to have meat available when you need at a quality that is guarantied by the grower.

How much do I fit in my freezer? A rule of thumb is one cubic foot of freezer space for each 35-40 pound of cut and wrapped meat.

How long can Meat be frozen and still maintain its Quality? Beef can be stored safely for 9 to 12 month. Ground beef 3 to 4 month. If stored longer it can loose some quality and quantity due to freezer burns, dehydration and broken packages.

How many pounds are there in a carcass, side or quarter? An average carcass weighs 600lb (hanging weigh, bones and trimming included). A side 300 lb. A front quarter is about 100 to 120 lb and a hind quarter 150 to 200 lb (before trimming)

Why is the butcher cost not included in the price for quarters, halves and whole carcass? The butcher takes the weight after killing and that’s the weight that his cost is based on. The butcher cost is also pending on the cuts and other services like making burger paddies and freezing.

Are there any discounts? Yes we offer discounts for those interested to organizing sharing an animal or a side with your friends. By purchasing at the farm gate you already save about 50% compared to in town stores, who rarely carry a full range of grass fed beef and seldom know the history of the animal. Come visit, a tour of the farm is always free.