How to Purchase

We have ventured into online offerings! Just follow the link on the home page. Feel free to place an order and have it delivered or pick it up at the store. But we are still open for face to face shopping as usual.

What kind of packages are available?

  1. Single cuts: For those without freezer space we offer single cuts throughout the year during our store hours. Steaks , roasts, ground beef and so on. Prices as listed.
  2. Freezer Box: For very small freezer spaces we offer our freezer box starting at 20lb which gives you a cross section of steaks, roasts, ground beef and some soup bones. There are 2 different prices for the freezer box, pending if the customer has use for the soup bones. You might order any size of freezer box. These boxes are available on short notice.

3.  Front or hind quarters and beef halves are available about once every month and orders allow you to specify how you want to have it cut. Size of roasts and thickness of steaks and how you want it wraped and how much in a package. The price for cutting needs to be added as it varies pending how it’s cut. Making Hamburger paddies or freezing for example. Also you pay by the hanging weight, not the weight you receive, due to the loss during aging / drying and trimming of fats. Not everyone has use for bones (but we can not grow animals without them and beef bones make wonderful soup stock, just boil, ad veggies and noodles)

The weight of a side can vary from 230lb to 300lb pending on the animal. Quarters are 120lb to 160lb.