Introducing the Power Burger

here some thoughts about the difference you can make with your purchasing Power

… when choosing a grass fed  beef burger from Laepple Organic Farm

… on reducing diesel fuel :

The animal was born on the farm and spend it’s entire life at the same farm, no need to ship from a cow calf operation to a sales barn and to a feed lot and to a sales barn and to a finishing feedlot to a sales barn to a slaughterhouse. Hundreds, if not thousands kilometers of trucking eliminated.

Plus, when never being shipped thru sales yards, eliminates the need to vaccinate for shipping fever and other viruses, plus the animal immune system did not need to constantly adjust to different environments and diets.

The animal was raised and finished on grass ( and hay in the winter) This eliminated the need to plant, fertilize, harvest, ship by truck, store, ship by truck, process at a feed mill and ship to the farm and feed via electric powered augers, corn, soybeans and other grain rations.

The animal spend most of it’s time outdoors, did his own mowing and manure spreading in the growing season, eliminating the need for electric powered fans, manure pumps, diesel or electric powered silo loaders and un-loaders and feed augers and liquid manure trucks. Diesel powered harvesting equipment and tractors to bring hay into storage and out for feeding only needed to make hay (dried with the help of sun and wind) and feed it in the winter.

The animal was taken to a local, provincial inspected abattoir where animals are processed one at a time, assuring in each burger there is fresh meat from our animal only, without any need for food coloring such as petroleum based Red Dye, preservatives or fillers. Eliminating the need to produce, transport, store and inject such substances.