Below are links to sites we think you will find both informative and resourceful.

Local Initiative for Future Energy Cooperative L.I.F.E : is a renewable energy cooperative initiated by Linda  in 2004 to develop community owned renewable energy projects. Please consider becoming a member too.

National Farmers Union A local food system does not happen by itself. Linda was elected into the Women’s advisory position for Ontario for the National farmers Union. Consider becoming a associated member or if you are a farmer, a full member.

Canadian Biotechnology Action Network Help fight to get geneticly modified seeds, feed and food out of our food chains.

Sustainable Farming Apprenticeship Program:

Willing Workers on Organic Farms Canada: Thru this program travelers from around the world find their way to our farm as volunteer. 

Pro-Cert Organic Systems Ltd: Our organic certification agent.

Canadian Organic Grower:

Organic Consumer’s Association: