Renewable Energy is more than an option, it is the solution out of our current energy dilemma. Linda had years ago the vision to built community owned renewable energy projects. She started with like minded folk from the area a Renewable Energy Cooperative.

Local Initiative for Future Energy Cooperative Inc.   In short: LIFE Coop

After much red and green tape the Coop enabled over 3 MW clean energy production capacity. 18 Solar rooftop projects on large barn roofs have been constructed and are connected to the grid, producing sunny dividends for the Coop members who invested in this local green energy opportunity.

Learn more on the Coop’s website and please consider becoming a member. In an cooperative effort we can develop options for more renewable energy for every ones benefit. Feel free to ask Linda how you can become a member.

The Laepple farm produces from a 10 kw rooftop solar more electricity than the farm uses. Hot water for the house is produced by a solar hot water system. The fuel for the furnace comes from our own bush, cull trees namely ash, that are killed by the ash borer.