Beef Cut: per lb  Please note: Not all items are available at all times.
Rib/Flank Steak $14.90
Sirloin / Wing Steak $9.50 Potatoes are available September till May
T-Bone/ Blade/Flank Steak $9.50 Potatoes: Yellow, Variety Vivaldi), $45,-
Round Steak  $9.00  Red $40,-  50 lb bag
sold Prime Rib/Short Rib Roast $10.00 5 lb and 10 lb bags are $1,00 per lb
Sirloin Tip Roast $9.50
 sold Blade Roast $6.00 Grains per kg Whole Flour kg
Round Roast $6.00 Soft Wheat $2.00 $2.50
Inside Round Roast $8.50 Hard Wheat sold out sold out
Rye $2.00 $2.50
Tenderloin/Fillet $18.00 Spelt $2.50 $3.00
 sold Brazing Ribs $4.90  Flour must be  ordered  ahead
Ground Beef $6.95
Paddies $7.50
Stewing Beef $7.50 Eggs  $6.00/dozen
 sold Shanks $5.00  Soup chickens  3-4lb  sold out
Soup Bones $2.50  Meat chickens  4 to 7lb  4.90 lb
 sold Liver $6.00  Ducks,  6 to 10lb  5.90 lb
 sold Summer sausage (about 2lb) $26.00 each
 sold Pepperetts $11.00/10pk
 ECO BOX (Variety Sampler)
Bulk:  Taking orders  per lb
Mix freezer order $7.00 Firewood (Hardwood) $90.00  per face cord or $75 a box
Split Half (hang weight) $5.50
Front Quarter (hang weight) $5.50
Hind Quarter (hang weight) $6.50
 Veal whole or half (hang weight) only available Dec- Feb)  $7.00
 Pork*  September, October bulk orders  per lb
 Pork Roasts $5.50
 Pork Chops  $7.00 Inquiries:
Schnitzel (sold out) $8.00 Linda Laepple
Bacon $8.50
Farmer Sausage $6.00 Home 519-634-1033Mobile 519-588-8922
Half a pig (about90 to 125lb) priced by hang weight  taking orders for October
 Whole pig (plus butcher cost)
 taking orders