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Celebrate our Farm Anniversary!
We are celebrating 25 years this year of our family farming here on Bleams Road. Additionally, this farmstead will be 175 years old in 2023. The farm was first settled in 1848 by the Jutzi family, one of the early Mennonite families in the Region. They came here for good soil to grow food for their family and community, just like we do today.
The large Celebration Box contains samples of what our farm store and our local area produce.
The box contains all the good things that grow in this area including honey from Nith Valley Apiaries, salad greens from Green Hart Farm, Apple Butter from Apple Creek Farm, freeze-dried food from Exodus Foods, flour, and eggs from our farm, and our own grass-fed, organic meat from the farm.
Please Note: the meat comes frozen.
This box includes:
1 bag of salad greens
1 kg honey
1 package of freeze-dried food
1 500 ml of apple butter
2 kg of flour
1 package of beef burgers
2 dozen eggs
5 lbs ground beef
1 summer sausage
1 pkg pepperettes
Please note that the total price per package will vary depending on the weight and therefore the final amount on your online order may fluctuate. 


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