Fertile soil transforms sunshine and rain into lush grass and grazing cows transform this into healthy meat while giving valuable nutrients and organic matter back to the soil. This circle is what healthy food production depends on, no matter what crop/animal is grown.

All our calves are born in May and June when the grass is the richest. Typically half of our young cattle are sold as breeding stock and the other half is for grazing for another one to two seasons until they are mature.

We differ from other beef operations as we do not castrate our bull calves and raise and pasture them as bulls. In the conventional systems steers (castrated bull calves take longer to mature or are given hormones to make up for the loss occurred by the castration process.

For you as a consumer, this means no artificially injected hormones in your meats and more tender meats since the animals are generally younger. You can taste the difference that our approach makes!

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  1. Hollie Wanders

    Hello there,
    I visited your lovely farm last Friday. I am a friend of Amanda’s. I was inquiring about purchasing some beef. I would like to put an order in for your next harvest. I believe you said the price is $6 a pound hanging weight. I would like to know roughly how many pounds is in half a cow and a quarter of a cow so I can have a clear budget. Hope this makes sense.
    Hollie Wanders

    1. Linda Laepple

      A half beef is about 300lb hanging weight. It can vary between 250lb and 350lb. The next one coming up is probably close to the 300 lb mark. A quarter is half as much. So for a half you are looking at about $1800 to 2000 0r $900 to 1000 for a quarter.
      If you send me an email to laepple@golden.net I will send you a cutting instruction form to fill out.
      Thanks for your interest

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