Every summer our son Frieder and his family raise a limited number of pigs. The pigs live outdoors in a large pasture with access to shelter. In addition to what their fine noses find above and below the ground, they are fed an organic grain ration made of oats, peas, and barley grown on the farm. They are not fed soy or corn.

September through November are typically the months in which they are processed and their meat sold.

Please note that not all requested package sizing will be possible, but we will accommodate as possible. If you order a whole or half pig, please select the cuts you prefer with a (+). This way the less liked will be made into sausage/ground. If you would like to not receive a cut (head, liver…), please put an X in the box for “how many pounds”. This way no food is wasted. If you want sausage there will be less meat, if you don’t want sausage, there will be more meat. A half of a pig ranges from about 95-130 lbs.

To get on the mailing list and receive info about order dates and availability as well as price list please send an email to Frieder Laepple.


E: porkorderemail@gmail.com
P: 519-505-3263

Order Sheet 2023

Pork Order Sheet 2023 
CutPrice/lbsPack SizeHow Many Pounds 
Bacon$    11.50 ~1lbs Smoked and sliced
Pork Bellie$    10.00 Req. Size Natural
Roast$       7.50 2-3lbs Mostly butt roast (neck)
Sausage$       8.00 1 coil/pack(1lbs) Smoked or garlic
Ground Pork$       7.50 1-2lbs Natural
Chops$       8.00 2/pack Natural
Schnitzel/Cutlet$       9.50 4/pack Tenderized and vacuum-packed
Ham$    11.00 whole/Half Cooked and smoked
Ribs$       7.50 1 full rack Delicious on the BBQ
Soup Bones$       2.00 2-3lbs/pack Great for soups
Head$       3.00 Whole   
Pig Fat$       3.00 Req. Size Lard is also available
Shank$       5.50 2-3lbs  
Heart$       3.00 One  
Liver$       5.50 One Very limited 
Kidney$       3.00 2/pack  
Half a Pig$       5.50    
Whole Pig$       4.75    
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