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Comes frozen in a package of 1 steak per package at a weight of approximately 1.25 lbs per pack.


Please note that the total price per package will vary depending on the weight and therefore the final amount on your online order may fluctuate. 


A Porterhouse steak looks very similar to a T-Bone steak, but there are some differences.

  1. Size of the tenderloin. Any cut featuring a tenderloin section that’s at least 1.25 inches across at its broadest point is considered a Porterhouse steak. Any cut with a tenderloin section of 0.51 inches to 1.24 inches is considered a T-Bone steak.  And further, anything with a tenderloin section of 0.5 or shorter at its widest point is considered a bone-in strip steak.
  2. Area of cut. The T-Bone is cut from the front of the loin, whereas a Porterhouse is cut more towards the rear and includes more tenderloin.



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