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  • Stews don’t require any fussing while they cook – once they’re in the oven you’re free – they cook by themselves so you can have the whole kitchen cleaned up when guests arrive – perfect for those of us who entertain in the kitchen.

  • Beef stews, are great for entertaining since they can be made the day ahead. Stew flavours meld together as it sits so it tastes better next day. Gently re-heat in the oven, microwave or slow cooker before serving.

  • Browning the beef before simmering gives beef stew a rich colour and flavour.

  • For a stew-like dinner that’s faster to prepare, you can use a Simmering Steak instead of stewing cubes; that way, you have only one piece of meat to brown. Simmer as you would for making a stew.

  • Overcrowding meat in the pan will cause meat to steam rather than brown.

  • You can dredge the beef cubes in seasoned flour before browning if you like – but sprinkling the flour over the browned cubes is easier and less messy.

  • Onions are cut into wedges lengthwise so they keep their shape in the stew. Onions that are cut crosswise tend to melt down into the background of a stew when they cook.

  • If flavourings start to scorch add a splash of water to the pot.

  • A tight fitting lid and a heavy pot are essential for best braising.

  • Keep beef cubes roughly the same size and trim them – this way beef will all cook at about the same time

  • Use the right pot – a Dutch oven made from enameled cast iron just can’t be beat – think Le Creuset for example.

  • For Stew, the secret is in the simmer. Go slow. Take your time. Use a 325ºF (160ºC) oven for a good even heat or a slow cooker will do the trick too. 1



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